Snow Melt: What can you do to prevent surface water infiltration?

Snow Melt
What can you do to prevent surface water infiltration from snow melt?
Before it snows:

1. Before it snows, be sure that the ground surface around the perimeter of your foundation wall has a positive grade (i.e., sloped away from the wall).
2. Check your gutters and keep them clear. We highly recommend installing buried downspout extensions to take water from melting snow on your roof a safe distance away.

After it snows:

1. Keep the end of your downspouts clear so water can flow freely.
2. Avoid piling up snow along the foundation walls.

The “X-FACTOR” is below-grade foundation wall waterproofing. Even with proper grading and downspout extensions, if you foundation wall isn’t properly water-proofed below grade then water seepage can occur. This is especially true for older CMU block walls as the blocks and mortar joints around them are fairly porous. You should consult a SSC engineer if you have a concern about foundation waterproofing.

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