“Zero Crack” Concrete

BEACHWOOD, Ohio – BASF Construction Chemicals has invented a new kind of concrete that it says will transform the $20 billion repair construction industry, because once it sets, it’s virtually crack-proof.

BASF says its “ZERO-C” (zero-cracking) line of concrete is a stronger and more durable alternative to the mortars that usually repair – and re-repair – crumbling historic buildings and other older structures.

“This is like finding the cure for cancer for our industry,” marveled Peter Emmons, founder and chief executive of Structural Preservation Systems, a specialty repair contracting company in Hanover, Md.

“It’s pretty ground-breaking for restoration construction, taking concrete and actually improving its performance,” agreed Dilip Choudhuri, principal and executive director of structural diagnostics services for Walter P. Moore engineering firm in Houston, Texas, which repairs bridges, stadiums and buildings.

ZERO-C will also be available for contractors repairing residential driveways, sidewalks, balconies and other projects.

The construction industry has spent decades looking for materials that won’t crack when they are used to repair and reinforce older materials, because even hairline cracks can let in pollutants and start disintegrating the concrete.

“The goal of our industry is to stop repairing the repair,” Emmons said.

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