Structural Engineering Design Consultancy

ADS collaborate with architects, owners, and contractors to find creative solutions for demanding projects. As an integral part of the design team, we explore, develop, and present multiple options and help to select the best solution. We draw on our knowledge, gained through decades of designing and investigating structures and building enclosures, to appropriately balance performance, reliability, and cost. And throughout construction, we roll up our sleeves to anticipate issues, solve problems, and help ensure the design intent is achieved in the completed project.

At ADS we offer a wide range of services within the field of structural engineering including the following:

Design Services:

  • General Building Design for New Construction for Wood, Masonry, Steel or Concrete Construction
  • Miscellaneous Structural Design (Retaining Walls, Basement Walls, Septic tank design)
  • Feasibility Studies of Various Structural Systems
  • Building Renovation
  • Curtain wall and Partition Design
  • Structural Rehabilitation, Repair & Alteration
  • Load Surveys and Structural Analysis
  • Building Evaluation Reports
  • Peer Reviews and Plan Reviews
  • Construct-ability Review and Value Engineering
  • Computer-Aided Design and Drafting
  • Construction Administration

These services include studies of structural systems in the conceptual stage, preliminary design and cost estimates, final design and working drawings, specifications, and general on-site observation of the structural work throughout the construction phase.